Investing with Lofty Asset Management

Lofty is a full service Asset Management firm facilitating the intricate details of advancing opportunities in Real Estate Investment. Lofty was founded in 2013 by Lisa Mankoski, an 18 year veteran and pioneer of the industry. She’s operated Nationwide with both local and National firms, distinguishing herself as an industry leader in the rehabilitation and rebranding of troubled assets. Lofty currently manages nearly 3,000 multi-family housing units comprised of 15 communities, large and small, scattered throughout Jacksonville. Our philosophy is simple but effective, “We run it like we own it”! Every decision, detail or action is evaluated, vetted and settled based on the best interests of our residents, the asset and with consideration for the long term investment goals.

We at Lofty provide every asset with a developed strategy that we continually evaluate for further improvement and potential growth. Our success comes from a proven system that in order to make the most of an investment, you must consistently evaluate possibilities, potential revenue sources and have a complete understanding of the market conditions in the surrounding area.

We have developed Maintenance programs for training and education that enable our Technicians to complete tasks that are generally considered contractor projects. These programs provide us a unique ability to care for our residents and communities in a much more thorough and cost effective manner. We evaluate every project, task and job to determine the scope of work, including materials and labor before making the decision to contract or complete in-house. For projects that are deemed more suitable for third party contracting, we bid out and negotiate the terms of all agreements and contracts from our corporate office to ensure the scope and terms are situated to best meet the needs of each individual asset.

At Lofty, we build relationships with vendors that understand our management style and expectation of service. For each property and service, we create vendor agreements that allow us to set and lock in pricing to avoid the thousands of various up-charges and add-on’s most Vendors use to increase their bottom line. With most Management Companies these vendors go un-checked and ill managed, we at Lofty make it our priority to evaluate and manage these costs with only our assets best interest in mind.