Patricia Hatch

Director of Quality Assurance and Broker

Patricia Hatch was born and raised in Richmond, VA and later moved to Hampton Roads, VA where she attended Virginia Wesleyan College. Patricia started her career in the mid-80’s working in Healthcare Information Technology for over 20 years before she was relocated to Jacksonville, FL in 2008 due to an employment opportunity for her husband.
Once in Florida, she decided on a new career path obtaining her FL Real Estate license and began selling residential homes for Keller Williams. In 2016 Patricia pursued and obtained her FL RE Brokers license and was introduced to Lofty through a mutual friend who recognized a moral and professional compass in Patricia that aligned with Lofty’s ethics and philosophy in business. A new relationship was formed, and Patricia was brought in to conduct monthly audits of our communities, reviewing both the physical conditions and file administration at each site. This permitted Lofty a continual and completely unbiased view of how our assets were performing and how our teams were maintaining and improving each community month by month. It was a unique and valuable tool that provided our sites an advantage over the competition and a constant grading scale of our management abilities. More recently Patricia has assumed additional roles within Lofty, such as managing vendor contracts and pricing, managing Lender demands including reserves and communicating on capital projects. It’s in the details that generally go unattended, that become the focus in a Quality Assurance Director and Patricia fulfills that role with each decision and every detail.
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