Loft-y (adjective)

Of imposing height; Impressive; Eminent; Exalted in rank, dignity, and character;
Elevated in style, tone, and sentiment; Superior in manner.

EST. 2014



Our decades of experience and proven investment and acquisition strategies meet the growth needs of our investors.


Whether new construction, renovation or conversion, we bring hands-on experience to multifamily, build-to-rent and mixed-use projects.


With a keen owner’s eye and decades of experience, we have a proven track record of success in managing a range of residential and mixed-use communities.

Locally Inspired, Economically Desired

Lofty is our name, standard and signifies our mission to provide economically balanced housing in our local communities! Our local economy is dependent upon a local workforce. If residents can no longer afford to live in an area, they can no longer afford to work in that area. This cycle of rapid change in our economic balance has forced the working class out of their native community and into secondary housing markets, creating a worker shortage for those local businesses. If the local business owners concede and continue raising wages to keep their trusted teams, the vicious cycle of inflation and rapid economic change will continue.

Lofty having contributed and benefited from our rapidly rising housing costs, while local residents and property managers, we also experienced the human and economic cost to our households, our friends, families, and communities. We could either continue being part of the problem or start creating solutions!



We understood to provide more workforce housing, we had to bring down the cost of construction. After months of cost studies and analysis in various types of standard residential construction, we realized we had to reinvent the wheel! We started exploring materials and suppliers not generally utilized in residential housing. This gave us greater buying power with distributors who otherwise have little or no business opportunities in housing. Once we had our materials, suppliers, and budgets prepared; we developed two building concepts to include studio apartments and two-bedroom townhomes! We then acquired Architects and Engineers to steer the project through building plans, code compliance, and ADA requirements.


Constructing a building with the intent of owning it and caring for it over generations motivates you to consider your experiences managing 50+ YO communities and apply those lessons to durability and anticipated maintenance through the development process.

Lofty Properties are constructed with a metal roof and siding, spray foam insulation, wood cabinetry, and solid surface counters, concrete finished flooring, plumbing and electrical access points, quality appliances and fixtures.